Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Corset mockups done and fitted!!

I am back at home and many things have hapened with sewing (and not very much with my embroidery - shame on me!). I finished both corset mockups while in Tahoe and then on Sunday took them up to Carol to get fitted. 2 1/2 hours later, we were finished and I have 2 corsets tht will fit me much better.  Oddly, it went exactly backwards from what I thought would happen.

I thought I would hate the 1903 pigeon front corset and the 1911 tube would be super simple.  However, I evidently drafted the 1911 too big so we had to take it in a great deal, and the 1903 fit like a glove almost out of the gate.  I should have known - I am pretty much  a fit model for Truly Victorian.  We had to do 3 very minor (and almost optional) adjustmens and I am good to make that out of fashion fabric & coutile.  The 1911 will take a bit more work to get right, although I will still probably recut the mockup just for the satisfaction of finishing up the project. 

My embroidery has been waiting for me for a while. I have one bird body done and not much else to show for myself. However, I have craft night tonight with Sophia so I brought it a ong and hope to work on it some there.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Mill End Fabrics

Oh, I almost forgot to mention, Chris, Nancy, Aaron and myself went to Mill End Fabrics in Reno while we were here. The place is kind of amazing. It is a gigantic warehouse in Reno filled with mostly bolt ends of every kind of fabric imaginable. Fabrics are just piled 10 feet high and some are labeled and some are not. They are all super cheap ($12 a yard for silk, which I have only been able to find in LA so far, and almost everything else in the store seems to be $5.40 a yard, including heavy tapestry fabrics).  I got a nice supply of silk, some heavy cotton, and some cotton linen for my stash.  I highly recommend it if you are anywhere nearby and I can guarantee that the group of us will go back when we come to Tahoe in the future!

On vacation, still working on stuff!

I am in Tahoe this week, skiing with some friends, but I brought up my sewing machine and my projects and I am working away when I can while I am here!

Re: my embroidery class, I have the project basted, the design transferred, mounted on stretcher bars, and the outline of the first bird done I am behind in my class already, but that's ok because while it does last 6 weeks, we have the materials and the teacher's attention as long as we need it. Also, the first week was the most intensive and she warned us that some of us would be behind due to life and we can easily catch up later.  Also-also, I started my new job last week, so I am really happy to have gotten what I did get done, done.

Re: corsets, I have cut out, and sewn together my first mockup of the 1911 corset.  I am still considering what to do about the other one since I am totally unsure about it.  I will probably lay the pattern out and see if I have enough fabric up here, and if I do, I will at least cut it out and see what I think from there. As is, I have the corset that I believe that I will be making for this event ready for fitting this weekend, so I feel like I am on target! 

I really need to get started sewing my gown mockup shortly here too.  I am starting to get kind of nervous!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

SIde-tracked for embroidery

I am back from a very sad weekend and ready to start my new job tomorrow. I think that will slow down my sewing efforts some, but to combat this, I have made an appointment to get these corsets fitted on the 26th, which means I have 2 weeks to get the mockups ready one way or the other. I work better on a deadline anyway. :-)

I have also added to the distraction pool and online class stitch-a-long for an embroidery project. We will be making a needle book called The Nesting Place and it is hosted and taught by Mary Corbet over at Needle 'n' Thread.  Here is what It should look like when I am done:

This will only be my second attempt at Embroidery, so we'll see how it goes! Wish me luck!
Tonight, I prepped my fabric and frame for this project and re-centered myself some for sewing this week. Not a huge amount of work, but I've had a hard week, so I feel like any progress is good progress!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sad, sad corsetting

I had the best of intentions to get the corset cut out and the lacing strips made right away, but life intervened, as it is prone to do. I received a call last week that my grandfather was in hospital and in very serious condition. I made haste to southern California for 4 days of being at home and visiting and hoping and consoling, but the battle was lost. I will have to attend a funeral on Friday for someone I love very dearly, so costuming has been slow going as of late. I have been doing a little in the evenings for the last 2 days just to keep busy, and it does help a lot, but I'm not very efficient, and its more to keep me from focusing on being sad than anything.

I actually have the 1911 corset cut out and the lacing strips made, although I appear to have been drunk while I was grommeting and I have no idea why. The sewing was perfect, they looked wonderful. I marked holes exactly perfectly with my water soluble marker. I placed my awl right in the center of each of those holes and pushed through and set my grommet. There was nothing that could have gone wrong with those strips.  However, when all was said and done, I was apparently drunk (no actual alcohol was consumed). The grommets are all over the place. They are not in a straight line vertically and they even vary on the horizontal. I have no idea what happened. I have grommeted stays and a corset and even the bustle cage has grommets on the inside - they are all relatively straight, so I know that I am capable of it. It's a mystery to be forgotten in time I guess. I also had to cut the corset out twice as I forgot to add a seam allowance the first time.  Maybe I shouldn't be corseting right now. :-)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Because I am both indecisive and an overachiever

I also did pattern prep on the Truly Victorian 1903 Edwardian Corset. I think what I will do is do mockups for both and take them up to my Corset Goddess and have her help fit me in both. The pattern prep took an hour just to cut out the pieces. There's more than double the amount of pieces on this corset as there is in the other one and there are gores in the hips and boobs to deal with, not to mention padding bundles for the chest and backside.

All of that, plus the fact that my chest measurement is very small compared to my waste measurement, which means there is going to be major alterations to this corset (and there looks to be very few going to happen on the other one), is leading me to lean toward focusing right now on the 1911 one, which is also technically more period, but I will probably go ahead and at least get a fitting in this one and maybe even make it just in case something else should come up where I need an S-bend corset.  (File that under things I never thought I would say.)  Also, it is good practice and good knowledge to have.  Either way, the pattern is cut out and ready to go at this point.