Sunday, March 31, 2013

By the way...

I'm in one of my favorite rooms on the whole planet. I'm in Other Noelle's sewing room, cutting out my corset pattern for my dress! :-)

Thursday, March 21, 2013

In Which I Declare Intent

Not much, actually. I have mostly been in planning stages of making the Myth Masque costume.  I have ordered fabric swatches so I can find out what I want to use (which take 8-9 days just to ship, UGH), and I have been considering construction decisions. I have a plan now and can start in the under-structure - hopefully that will start this weekend/next week.

What are we making, you ask?  A version of this beautiful Luly Yang Butterfly dress*:

Here it is in the runway:
It sits beautifully:
And here it is in a window:

I actually saw this dress in a window in Seattle, when we were on our Vancouver trip, and took a photo of it, but Sahrye was the one that wanted to make it.  She had the plan and I latched on to the idea of doing them, so I am going to choose a different butterfly wing to use. That way we will look like we belong together, but not be super match-y. Hair and make-up are anticipated to be pretty fun, but we haven't locked down on anything final yet.

So far, the group of people I have interviewed universally like this one:
Although, I tend to really like this one and can see this dress shorter and more poofey.  I like the abstractness of the pattern on this wing, which is also the reason that everyone says not to choose it, because it will not obviously read butterfly when people look it it:
I can see their point, so it will most likely be the first wing.  I am not totally sold on that gold tone against my skin, but we'll see.  I'm super Irish-looking, so I can see the green being good, but that isn't the primary color... I will know for sure when the samples get here.

Next up is to create the under structure for the dress so that I can attach the wings to the bottom and drape the top.I will post more when that gets under-way.  My mom is with us this weekend so I am not sure how much spare time I will have for that.

* I do want to caveat that I don't anticipate my dress looking anywhere as fantastic as this couture gown.  I think it will be an homage to it by someone who has never constructed anything without a pattern before (besides a tutu-like skirt), nor ever draped a stitch in her life. So, be warned, don't expect mine to be anywhere as awesome at that - this is more of a learning experience than anything, which will hopefully get me into a fun party!

Friday, March 15, 2013

In which some decisions are made

Well, we have some stuff worked out.

Myth Masque - A costume idea has been settled upon.  We will do a group thing.  I am finding out now if we are talking about it or not (to the 4 of you who read this blog). It will be beautiful and unlike anything that I have ever made before. YAY for learning.  I have Sahrye to lean on for advice, so that makes me feel less like I want to throw up, so we're off to a good start.

LOJ - Not hapening. The weekend is weird, people have to work, and there are other cons that we can go to that are closer to home. Maybe next year.

Dragon*Con - We settled out who is doing the photo shoot (Sahrye, as usual - Amber will be all over Europe all summer so can't afford the time). We have not yet settled on what we will be wearing, but that will work itself out.  I keep wanting to this:
But I don't think I have the skill, the time or the patience to do it, and also I have no idea how i can RELIABLY get it there with a guarantee of no damage. (Yeah, i know, I could ship it, but that is neither reliable, nor guaranteed not to damage it.)

I will continue to ponder.  This centaur will get made someday though!!

P.S. The Dragon*Con Website has undergone a significan overhaul for the better!  You should check it out if you are into that sort of thing.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Past. Present. Future.

Hey there! Long time, no post, I know.  I did warn all of you that it would be sporadic, depending on when I was sewing!

Past: Where have I been?  Well, Here's the run-down since basically Costume College, in order: My BFF got married - I was her Maid of Honor.  I went to Hawaii, China, and Atlanta, and then it was Christmas-time, which is a month of parties and planning and presents and travel.  I got back from the travel part of that on Jan 1 and was immediately sick.  FOR SIX WEEKS. I do not lie here. It was bad. Then I went skiing for a week and here we are.

Present: I finally got the the point where I am able to think about what it is that I want to do for the few Costume events I plan on going to this year, and then I go and do a couple of really silly things.

Future: Well, there's a number of things on the slate now...

My Pal, Sahrye, her SO, and I all decided to go to Myth Masque in LA on Memorial Day weekend. I knew that I would probably go to this or LOJ, so the fact that I need something for this is not new, but the problem is an inspiration.  We may have a something that we will do as a group, but it seems up in the air a little right now.  If anyone has any fantastic ideas, that would be great. We will have pro photos taken, so I'd like to make something worth shooting.

There's a bustle picnic with the GBACG, our local costume guild, which I plan on attending.  I am unsure if I will make a new dress or if I will just finish trimming my polonaise outfit and make a hat, etc and wear that.  Probably the latter. There is some threat of a bustle dress appearing at CoCo, which I may try and finish for this as well.

Then there is LOJ itself.  It's on a weird weekend this year. July 5 and 6 seems a bit wonky to me. I don't know if we will have a quorum of people to go or not. I will hopefully find out about that soon.  I may just wear whatever I make for Myth Masque to that, if we go at all.  I give this a 40% chance right now.  We'll see.

SDCC. No costume plans. I should be taking a lot of pictures though.

CoCo. Aforementioned possible bustle dress. It almost entirely depends on how I am feeling about the following event.

Dragon*Con: So, I backed a Kickstarter for an incredible Cosplay photographer, who is one of the best in her field, Anna Fisher.  Part of the reward that I spontaneously signed up for, because there was only one left and I felt like I should seize the day, was a 30 minute photo shoot with her at Dragon*Con.


I have no idea what I will make, and I am kind of scared out of my mind (on top of the fact that Atlanta in September is a horrible place to be wearing anything that stressful and I sort of vowed never to dress up at D*C, but that is neither here nor there at this point). I need to get a really great idea, and fast, for what I want to wear. I asked a couple of friends if they wanted to do it with me so that I do not have to feel so much pressure.  Hopefully it will be really awesome! You can check out some of her work here.

Then, after that craziness, there's a SciFi picnic, a regency tall ship cruise, a prohibition speakeasy pub crawl (I HATE THE 20's!!! but it's booze with my pals), Dickens Fair, a Holiday Bustle tea, and then in Feb a Venetian Carnival event all with my costuming guild that I would like to go to.  It probably won't work out that I get to do all of those, as we are planning on going on a couple week trip in the fall and it will mess something up (it always does), but that's the basic lay of the land.

So, chances are good that you will be hearing from me a lot more in the near future.  I will try and be a good blogger if possible, and I know that I can at the very least provide pictures galore! If you have any bright ideas for nay of my event costumes, please feel free to leave them in the comments below.