I thought that adding a page to house some resources that I find interesting and useful might be helpful to you all too. I am just starting this, so it will grow as I go and think of things. If you know of something that I should add to this list, please let me know!

Cosplay Tutorials:

KamuiCosplay - Wanna make armor or make stuff light up? This girl is awesome at making it look easy! Make sure to hit the CC button for sub-titles because it's all in German!

CrabCat Industries - These ladies are featured on Heroes of Cosplay and are awesome.  They have quick little tutorials to get you started so you can see how easy this all can really be.

Makeup Tutorials:

Vintage or Tacky - YouTube Channel that injects humor and easy to understand tips into her makeup tutorials. I credit her with my iron man costume makeup!

panacea81 - Lovely girl in England that gives the easiest to understand makeup tutorials that I have ever see.

xsparkage - This girl is cute and fun and has great product recommendations and how-tos!


GBACG - Greater Bay Area Costumers Guild.  They do all sorts of events and workshops, but there is a large focus on historical costuming (though that is by no means all that we do!)

Costume College - Summer camp for Costumers.  You wanna learn it, there's probably someone teaching it!

Blogs that I Read

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